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Montair's School Climate Policy

“Research indicates that a safe, inclusive and equitable school climate translates into safer, more engaging and supportive school communities. How students and staff feel about a school’s culture impacts other key indicators of success, including academic achievement and teacher retention.

School climate refers to how students and staff feel about the social and environmental factors that make up their school culture (e.g., rules, policies, teaching, pedagogy, etc.). Montair commits to developing and maintaining a respectful, inclusive and equitable school climate, that is reflected in classrooms and common areas, free from bias and bullying behavior; clearly stated expectations about each individual’s responsibility in challenging bias and bullying; and curricula that reflect the diversity of the student population and the society in which we live. Without this, students will not feel safe, welcomed, challenged and supported.

All members of the school community, including students, staff, administrators and family members, are expected to serve as role models by demonstrating ally behavior, implementing culturally responsive pedagogy and respecting other students and staff.

Montair will not accept any form of harassment, discrimination, bullying or intimidation that would interfere with a respectful, inclusive and equitable school climate. If such an incident does take place, the school will address the issue with the individual(s) and will use the moment to educate the school community.”
- ADL (Anti-Defamation League)