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School Safety

School Safety

Here is our Comprehensive School Safety Plan. This plan outlines the safety procedures we will follow to ensure our students safety day-to-day and during emergency situations.  We hold monthly drills which include the use of Standard Response Protocols. In October, we will do a full evacuation, emergency response drill.  
We promote positive behavior using a variety of ways including passing out Pride Slips and doing weekly drawings, promoting positive behavior during our monthly character trait assemblies, and having school-wide celebrations for positive behavior.  We observe Anti-Bullying during the month of October by hosting school-wide discussions on bullying and raising awareness on what to do if students observe or experience bullying behavior. 
When students engage in unsafe behaviors, we document the behavior and engage in corrective behavior practices.  Administration will speak with the students involved and create a restorative plan of action that supports the safety of the victim of the unsafe act and allows the child who acted unsafely to make amends. Our focus is to teach students how to replace unsafe actions with safe behaviors.  Our behavior response is progressive in nature.  Response to behavior becomes increasingly serious with repeated inappropriate actions. We know our children are young and learning how to manuevere among many groups of children.  Our aim is never to humilate or shame a child, but to equip them with communication skills to resolve problems and allow opportunities for reconcilation.