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PTA Room Parents


Thank you for volunteering to be a room parent in your child’s classroom!  The teachers and staff so appreciate your help in making this school year a successful one!  
As a room parent, you will act as a liaison between your teacher and the parents in your class.  Your most important role is to meet with your teacher before Back to School night to find out what kinds of things they will need assistance with.  Each teacher has their own approach and will require different levels of support. Either way, they are always grateful to have you assist them throughout the year.  
Please note that your job is not to fill every open volunteer position yourself, but to help find parents in your class to fill them.  On Back to School night, you will be asked to present information to the class about your role as a room parent, what volunteer positions are available, and briefly discuss PTA and Foundation.  
After Back to School night concludes, you will help set up a contact list for your class so that families can begin to get to know each other.  You will also make sure that volunteer positions are filled, and volunteers are directed to the right contact person to begin their position. Ongoing, you may be asked to forward emails from the teacher or from the school regarding classroom or grade level information.   
Being a room parent is such a wonderful experience!  It allows you to get to know your teacher, the parents, and the amazing kids in your classroom!  Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, or are in need of any additional information.  Thank you again for volunteering, and for making Montair a better place! 
Jacque Wendt
Room Parent Coordinator