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Corporate Matching Programs match, dollar for dollar, every contribution you make to the Montair Foundation.  Please help us meet our goal of $22,500 in Corporate Matching; the simple process starts with you!
First, to find out if your employer matches donations, clickHERE and input your employer’s company name. This resource also provides information on how to start the matching process with your employer. If more information is needed, you may also contact your employer’s Human Resource Department. 
Next, if your company matches, you will need the following information which can be found on your registration receipt:
  • Montair Foundation Tax ID number (94-3179784);
  • The date you donated; and
  • The total amount of your donation (add the amount you donate to the Montair Foundation at registration and the amount you donate for the grade level supplies.)

Finally, we will send you a confirmation email when we receive the matching funds after you have applied.  If you have any questions or need any help with corporate matching, please contact Montair Foundation board member Ann Peltz at